Sunday, August 30, 2015

Barbie dresses galore!

Let me start off this blog with some craftiness.

I'm a mediocre writer and a mediocre seamstress..well less than mediocre probably but I make up for it with enthusiasm!

Lately my girl has been super into barbie dolls and while she had a couple hand me downs and some new ones, she received quite a few for her birthday (she just turned 5, I still can't believe it) and plays with them night and day.

Many of those were the awesome beach babes with frizz proof hair and a painted on swimsuit (love that!) and we decided they could use some cover-ups, skirts and some ballgowns for when we really feel like being fancy.

After A LOT of midnight googling and pinteresting I found a few -and with few I really mean a few, they're scarce- awesome basic dress patterns that I tweaked to my liking.

Here are the results.

Simple elastic waist skirt, we made quite a few of these!

This is my favorite, I'm a sucker for skulls!
And this is my daughter's, Cinderella is her favorite.
(I added a pearl to the middle after)

Here you can see my (semi) handy work, I used some iron on stabilizer for the bodice. 
For this dress I used the awesome pattern I found on by but left the skirt rectangular. I have a feeling im going to use this pattern a lot!

Also used as reference is

By the same talented person.

Do you have any great links to great (but simple, I'm a newbie) free patterns please respond in comments!